Ten advantages of VoIP

  • 16 August 2016
  • Sonja Remkes

If you switch to internet-based business telephony – VoIP –it’s not just much cheaper. There are many more surprising advantages. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol.

It is a collective term for all internet-based speech telecommunications. Because virtually every company now has a broadband internet connection, the switch to internet-based telephony is now fast and easy. The only requirement is that you have telephone sets suitable for use with VoIP. Once you have them, you can profit straightaway from the attractive advantages of phoning via the internet.

Advantage 1: Unlimited calls – at fixed low rates

The biggest advantage of internet-based telephony is the attractive reductions in costs. – Up to thirty per cent lower costs for domestic calls – Up to thirty per cent lower costs for international calls.

Advantage 2: More possibilities with your switchboard

Numerous companies still use analogue telephone switchboards. With an online switchboard from gnTel, you’ll substantially increase the functions you have. But you can also couple an analogue switchboard to our platform – using an SIP trunk. You will then be able to phone economically via the internet and keep the functionalities of your existing switchboard.

Advantage 3: telephone free of charge with your colleagues – all over the world!

A VoIP network knows no national boundaries. Because telecommunications run over the internet, you can connect employees all over the world to your VoIP switchboard. Colleagues in Tokyo or Timbuktu? Over a VoIP network, you can call all of the numbers in your network free of charge.

Advantage 4: With VoIP, your number is never ‘engaged’

VoIP telephony makes is possible to use a queue function. A queue eliminates the need for a caller to get an engaged signal. Instead, they will hear a welcome message and soothing music while being put on hold. As soon as a line is free, the call is automatically patched through to the available set. Much more customer-friendly – don’t you think?

Advantage 5: Get the right person on the line immediately

With a VoIP switchboard, you can guide a caller to the appropriate employee by means of a menu. So that, with a properly programmed switchboard, there is no longer a need for a telephone receptionist.

Advantage 6: Call from your landline all the time, even when you’re out of the office

By calling with a landline, your company sends out a more professional message. With All-You-Need from gnTel, you can call from a landline while using your smartphone. Ideal if you’re frequently away from the office. And it works wherever you are, as long as there’s a 3G network or Wi-Fi. And what’s nice about it is that, vice versa, you can take all calls made to your fixed-line number on your mobile.

Advantage 7: Use any telephone, with Free Seating

If your employees don’t have fixed workstations, but it’s handy for each to have their own phone number, Free Seating is the ideal solution. Free Seating makes it possible for everybody to log onto the VoIP network with their own number using any telephone set in your VoIP network.

Advantage 8: Following all your business telecommunications in real time

How much do your employees telephone? When? Which calls are answered? And how many incoming calls were there in the past month? With VoIP telephony, you can have online reports with all manner of information on your company’s telecommunications.

Advantage 9: This is a message from the management …

A nice feature of VoIP telephony is being able to call a number of sets at once. Its possible – with a public address system which easily can be added to your gnTel VoIP telephony system.

Advantage 10: Customer details for a caller are a click away

With the CRM pop-up you can see the customer details of a caller with one click. And when calling out, you’ll no longer need to enter numbers – just click and the number is called for you. For additional information, please ask your service partner.


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