gnTel provides telephony services for businesses via qualified service partners. Our customers can always count on local support with installation, or help with settings or any necessary adjustments.

10 reasons why partners choose gnTel


Excellent support: our service partners value above all our technical knowledge, customer-directed approach and flexibility.


Solid VoIP telephony platform: during the past twelve years, gnTel has proven its ability to ensure the stable reachability of its customers.


Clear propositions: all functions for a fixed monthly price, per user or per line. Or SIP trunks for attractive prices.


Distinctive revenue model: because we deploy our own platform, we have no licence costs, and as a result, are able to share more with our partners –which we indeed do!


Reliable partner: Whether prompt payment, sharing continued success or our support is involved: you can count on us.


Maximum user experience: we continually invest in creating the best possible customer experience, whether this involves our app, telephone book, plug-in or online management environment.


Customer-directedness: implement, online, all settings required by the customer; made-to-measure links to CRM or Outlook are unproblematic.


Flexible partner agreements: you can use your own branding / corporate identity or that of gnTel. You can also choose whether to handle invoicing, contracting and collection yourself, or to leave it to us.


Innovative: we are continually making investments in improvement and new features. Meaning there’s always something new. Often, nice surprises for the customer, such as new features.


Support: by means of technical and commercial training courses, short lines and personal contact, we help you optimise your service to the customer.

What our partners say about gnTel

Servicepartner gnTel

"Our customers in the Groningen region have high requirements concerning how they can be reached. Now, with the excellent availability and flexibility of the gnTel platform, we are quite simply able to fulfil all their requirements."

Carlos de Boer

CJ2 Hosting B.V. Groningen

Servicepartner gnTel

"We chose gnTel because of their solid platform, because our customers need to count on reliable reachability."

Thijs Aafjes


Servicepartner gnTel

"The gnTel platform provides companies with many functionalities at a relatively low price. Our customers are highly satisfied with it – as are we."

Francois Dieleman

Telecom & Security Zeeland

Servicepartner gnTel

"That’s the great thing about the short lines and personal contact of an organisation like gnTel: not too big, but highly professional and customer-directed."

Marcel Scholtens


Servicepartner gnTel

"Short lines, masses of possibilities to realise tailor-made solutions for our customers and a no-nonsense culture."

Vanny Ros


Servicepartner gnTel

"Now, we’re not only able to provide our customers with much more flexibility, but freedom from malfunctions, as well."

Ron de Bruin


Servicepartner gnTel

"In choosing gnTel, what primarily influenced me was what colleagues in the sector said. According to them, gnTel was a reliable provider and nice to work with. And they were right!"

Ron Wiertz


Servicepartner gnTel

"The combination of our personal approach with the reliable and professional infrastructure of gnTel yields nothing but satisfaction for our customers. And that’s what it’s all about."

Daniel Paans

de ICT afdeling

Servicepartner gnTel

"Our customers are also highly pleased with the management environment inmy.gnTel, where they can implement or adjust their own settings."

Jesper Mertens

Installation Company Pals B.V.

Servicepartner gnTel

"Our gnTel telephone system is brilliant – with it, we have virtually no downtimes."

M. Nijhuis

Amerion IT

Already convinced?

We might even be able to answer your query straightaway. If so desired, we can make an appointment for an informative meeting with one of our partner managers.

Become a partner

Searching for a reliable partner for hosted VoIP, telephone numbers en SIP-trunks? Considering the possibility, as an IT supplier or installation company, of providing cloud-based telephony for businesses? Do you, as a service company, have insight into customers’ telephony requirements? Then we’d like you as a partner!

As a partner of gnTel partner you’ll be responsible for:

  • Advising customers on made-to-measure telephony networks for their company
  • Configuring required services in the online tool
  • Provision and configuration of telephone sets
  • If needed, installation on site
  • Informing customers about relevant apps and functions
  • Providing a first-line helpdesk

Service partner for training and quality

As a gnTel service partner, you consider it a priority for customers to be able to count on good service. And we’re always there to help you with training courses, support and the like.

We offer the following training courses free of charge under our partner programme:

  • Technical training for all partners
  • Support training for all partners
  • Provisioning interface training for all partners
  • Invoicing module training for white label partners
  • Commercial training for branded partners

Flexible partner agreements

Under our partner programme, you can choose whether to supply our telephony services under your own brand (white label) or that of gnTel.

If you use the gnTel brand, you can opt to have everything supplied by gnTel (branded) or yourself to invoice the customer and ensure payment (co-branded).

Whatever you opt for, it won’t change what you earn. That remains the same for all partner agreement types.

  • Branded Service Partner
    Co-branded Service Partner
    White Label Service Partner
  • Branding
    gntel logo
    merk partnergntel logo
    merk partner
  • Product proposition
    gntel logo
    gntel logo
  • Contract with customer
    gntel logo
  • Invoicing and collection
    gntel logo
  • Invoice tool
  • Partner provisioning tool
  • Self provisioning tool
  • Use of apps for end-users
  • partnerpartner
    merk partnerbrand partner

With the provisioning interface, you’re in the driver’s seat

The gnTel provisioning interface was developed especially for our partners. The gnTel provisioning interface is a portal which enables our service partners to create and manage real-time services. Such operational aspects as creating accounts, linking telephone numbers, adjusting redirections, creating an IVR or queue and making call-restrictive settings, as well as invoicing customers, are all realised via the provisioning Interface.

The provisioning interface provides the following real-time features, amongst others:

  • Creating accounts
  • Linking telephone numbers
  • Setting business hours
  • Setting redirections
  • Setting call restrictions and number display
  • Providing and managing IVR and queues

We developed the provisioning interface ourselves and, in cooperation with our partners, continue to increase the service provided with it. In cases where a customer’s requirements are so specific that they cannot be realised via the provisioning, a specially tailored solution can be developed.

Invoicing tool
All gnTel partners can use the gnTel invoicing module. With it, invoices are easy to draw up. Branded and co-branded partners can use it to invoice their supplementary services.

White-label partners and C0-branded partners can use either this tool or their own system for invoicing. gnTel can provide the data in a range of formats, depending on your needs.