All-You-Need, at a fixed monthly price!

  • 16 August 2016
  • Sonja Remkes

We were there right from the start, with our business VoIP platform in the Netherlands. In the ensuing twelve years, our telephony services underwent rapid development. As more and more possibilities and functionalities were added to our business telephony, it became increasingly professional.


Sometimes there are so many possibilities that it’s difficult to make a choice. Especially if you have to reach for your purse again for every new feature: do you need it now?, or can you do without it?, and if you don’t need it now, in a subsequent phase in your company’s development, you decide you do need it. That’s why at gnTel, we like making things easy for our customers.


All-You-Need for business telephony

And that also explains why, with All-You-Need, you get everything you need for your business telephony. Such as: online management, flexible redirection to mobile or to your colleagues, queues with music, menus, advance notifications, call archiving, online reports and much, much more. All in one package, at a fixed monthly price. And we ensure that you either keep your old telephone numbers, or get a new one from us, at no extra charge – it couldn’t be easier.

Why choose?

As our new customer, there’s no longer a need to decide which functionalities you need first. Everything you will need is included in our All-You-Need package. With your All-You-Need account, everything is possible, and can be added or removed later down the line, as desired. Such as a new menu or queue if your incoming calls increase dramatically, or any reports you may need concerning your reachability.

With gnTel, every company, big or small, is ready for the future. Pretty cool, huh?


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