VoIP for schools

Many schools use hosted VoIP. It provides enormous cost savings compared to maintaining an old-fashioned telephone system. Furthermore, it offers many more functions which are easy to set up online.

Convenient standard functions

Certainly if you are still working with your own ‘old-fashioned’ telephone system at various locations, the advantages to switching to VoIP are tremendous. Aside from the cost saving, an online phone system provides uniformity and flexibility by automatically forwarding calls when a location does not answer the phone. Furthermore, you will be able to call between the various locations free of charge.

Raise the level of professionalisation

Schools come in all sizes. It would therefore be nice to be able to set up a call plan, enabling callers to always reach the school in the desired manner. With a selection menu the calls can always be forwarded correctly and automatically, or a message can be left.

Installation by professional service partners

Our network of professional service partners ensures that everything is set up and installed on-site. Therefore you no longer have to worry about it. You can also always count on them if you have questions or need help later on.

What schools say about gnTel

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Putting your package together

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