VoIP for Care Institutions

Particularly for care institutions, the benefits of VoIP telephony are enormous. You will professionalise your telephony all at once by switching to gnTel, resulting in better service for patients. Furthermore, your availability is always guaranteed.

Convenient standard functions

Listen to recorded messages remotely, the ability to change opening hours anywhere online, have your callers waiting neatly in call queues while listening to a self-chosen piece of music. All convenient functions, which are a standard part of gnTel All-you-need cloud telephony.

Furthermore, you are saving your staff a lot of time by having the incoming calls automatically forwarded to a selection menu. Urgent phone calls can be directly forwarded to the physician on duty. Connections are possible with other applications, for example, the option to automatically open a patient file based on the patient’s phone number.

Installation by professional service partners

Our network of professional service partners ensures that everything is set up and installed on-site. Therefore you no longer have to worry about it. You can also always count on them if you have questions or need help later on.

What care institutions say about gnTel

We are pleased to let our clients share their experiences with gnTel.

Therefore please read the testimonials of the various care institutions.


Put your package together now and also benefit from the advantages of VoIP.