All-You-Need cloud telephony Pay-Per-User

Online switchboard, conveniently priced by user
All of the functions you’re used to having on a switchboard transparently priced by user and month.

Subscription / by the month
The larger your organisation, the lower the price, whilst the price for new users is the same for everybody. For example, for fifty users, the charge is 30 x € 6,- plus 20 x € 3,-.


All you need
All-You-Need / 1–30 users € 6,- per user per month
All-You-Need / 31–70 users € 3,- per user per month
All-You-Need > 71 users € 1,- per user per month
Telephone costs calculated by the second.
Germany - to a landline € 0.01 per minute
Germany - to mobile € 0.07 per minute
International, from € 0.01 per minute
Telephone costs are calculated by the second.
Optional: flat rate for fixed and mobile
Flat rate / Germany € 10,-  per user per month
Flat rate Export Top 25 € 10,-  per user per month
Netherlands telephone numbers
Taking numbers with you free of charge
New regional telephone numbers € 5,- per month

Our flat rates are appropriate for normal business operations. For additional information, click here.

Download pricelist All-you-need Pay-per-user

All-You-Need cloud telephony Pay-Per-Line

Online switchboard with unlimited number of ports for telephone sets
All of the functions you’re accustomed to. The budget-friendly and flexible solution for customers who need several sets, such as schools, care institutions and hotels.

Monthly subscription
The price is dependent on the capacity required in terms of number of simultaneous calls. Rule of thumb: three users per ‘line’ under normal use.

All-You-Need 4 € 59,-
All-You-Need 8 € 89,-
All-You-Need 12 € 119,-
All-You-Need 16 € 139,-
All-You-Need 20 € 159,-
All-You-Need 30 € 189,-
All-You-Need 45 € 269,-
All-You-Need 60 € 339,-
All-You-Need 75 € 399,-
All-You-Need 90 € 439,-
German telephone numbers
Retaining existing telephone numbers free of charge
New regional telephone numbers free of charge
Telephone costs
Germany - to a landline € 0.01 per minute
Germany - to mobile € 0.07 per minute
International, from € 0.02 per minute

SIP trunk for your own switchboard or telephony application

Internet-based telephony with your own switchboard
If you have opted for a different application for your business telephony or want to continue using your existing switchboard, we can couple your application/switchboard to the gnTel platform.


  • Telephony via VoIP; prepared for a phasing out of ISDN
  • Solid platform, 99.99% uptime
  • Set your own redirections in the event of internet downtime
  • Easy to add capacity and numbers
  • Online reports on incoming and outgoing traffic
  • No monthly costs for ISDN subscription
  • Competitive rates
SIP trunk
Ten channels € 6,- per month
Extra speech channel € 1,- per month
Regional telephone numbers
Retaining existing telephone numbers Free of charge
One regional number Free
Phonenumber with
2 number block
Phonenumber with
3 number block
International phonenumber € 12,50 pro Monat
Telephone costs
The Netherlands - to a landline € 0,02 per minute
The Netherlands - to mobile € 0,07 per minute
International, from € 0,02 per minute

Telephone costs

The Netherlands - to a landline € 0,02 per minute
The Netherlands - to mobile € 0,07 per minute
International, from € 0,02 per minute
Country Fixed Mobile
The Netherlands€0,030€0,070
Country Fixed Mobile
United States€0,030

All other countries

Download list

Flat rates - available with All-You-Need Pay-Per-User

Fixed monthly charge for all users
If you’d like to avoid surprises and and would like flat rates for your personnel, our flat rates are the solution.

Flat Fee Netherlands
Flat rate / the Netherlands - fixed and mobile € 10,- per user per month
  • Flat rate for calls to fixed and mobile numbers in the Netherlands
  • Exclusive of special numbers with premium rates (090x)
  • Suitable for companies with normal telecommunications
  • Available with All-You-Need Pay-Per-User
Flat rate, Export Top 25 - fixed and mobile € 10,- per user per month
  • Flat rate for calls to fixed and mobile numbers in the 25 most frequently called countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Bulgaria, India, Israel, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Czech, Germany, Denmark, France, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, USA, Sweden and Switzerland
  • Exclusive of special numbers with premium rates
  • Other countries will be invoiced based on our normal rates
  • In combination with flat rate, the Netherlands and All-You-Need Pay-Per-User cloud telephony

If your telecommunications are roughly comparable to those of the average customer, you will have a 20% advantage as compared to variable rates. And your telephone bill is predictable.

Fair-use policy
Our flat rates are based on average use per employee. Some telephone extensively, others virtually never. No problem. For domestic telecommunications, we employ an average maximum of 400 minutes per month. Our customers call on average approx. 270 minutes per user per month, so our norm is substantially higher. For international telecommunications, we employ 200 minutes max. as a basis. On average, our customers call abroad for approx. 130 minutes, with more than 90% to selected countries.

If your company’s calls per user are higher than average, nothing changes up to 25% above the norm. If your calls for a given month exceed an average of 500 minutes per user within the Netherlands, or 250 minutes per user with numbers abroad, that’s no problem. For that month, we will charge you our normal economical rates.

International telephone numbers

Foreign telephone numbers € 12,50 per month

Available – including without having an office in the country in question

Cyprus Romania
Denmark Slovenia
Estonia UK
Other countries
Argentina Hong Kong
Bahrein Israel
Brazil Israel
Bulgaria Mexico
Canada New Zealand
Chili Peru
Colombia Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic USA
El Salvador South Africa

Foreign telephone numbers € 12,50 per month

Available – provided you have an office in the country in question

For these countries, being listed in the Commercial Register is a requirement for acquiring a telephone number.

Due to legislation, international telephone numbers may only be used for telecommunications and not for fax services. Number porting is possible in some countries. For additional information in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

Belgium Latvia
Germany Portugal
Finland Norway
France Slovakia
Greece Czech Republic
Hungary Turkey
Ireland Sweden
Italy Switzerland
Other countries

CRM Pop-up

As soon as you’re a customer, your card will appear on your screen with one click. And to call out, you no longer will need to enter a number – just click, and your call is placed. Saves masses of time.

CRM Pop-up

€ 5,- per user per month

plus € 150,- as a one-time payment

Online faxing

If you occasionally need to send/receive a fax, online fax is sufficient.

Our advice to those few companies that (still) fax a great deal, not to fax over VoIP. Because an increasing number of operators no longer support fax, online faxing is decreasing in quality, especially faxing abroad and/or faxing in high volume. And this applies to all suppliers of VoIP-based faxing.

Online faxing

€ 6.- per month

including extra number

Sets, gnTel App and headset

If you would like extra office sets or a headset for your smartphone in addition to the free gnTel app, these can be ordered directly from us. You can still make changes to your order during the welcome call, when, among other things, we will also ask you if you want us to send the sets or install them at your premises.

gnTel smartphone app free of charge
Headset IP phone YHS32 € 34.95
Yealink 56H cordless set € 89.95
Easy-to-use Yealink SIP-T40P € 89.95
Easy-to-use Yealink SIP-T41P € 109,-
Yealink W56P cordless set € 124.95
Advanced Yealink SIP-T46G set € 199.95
Yealink power adapter € 11.95
Exclusive 19% VAT

Installation and custom work

Not every customer is the same or has the same requirements. During the welcome call, we ensure you get exactly what you require. Sometimes, custom work is needed for a specific report type or a coupling to an application. Perhaps you’d like an on-site roll-out or instructional session. In the case of custom work or installation on your premises by our local service partner, the hourly rates, below, will apply. Depending on the extent and complexity of what you require, our service partner will give you an advance indication of the expected total costs.

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