Number portability

Would you like to keep your telephone number when you switch to gnTel cloud telephony? This can be easily be arranged once the contract ends.

Your service partner will arrange this for you

Most clients that switch to our services wish to transfer their existing telephone number. This is no surprise, as people do not want to lose their customer base after switching to a new telephone number. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about anything. Your service partner will immediately take care of everything for you. Everything will be arranged within two weeks.

COIN partnership

As a fully fledged telecom operator, gnTel is a member of the COIN association. This is a partnership network between telecom providers to enable the transfer of telephone numbers from one provider to another. This is also called number portability. As a result, you can easily switch service without losing your existing customer base.

Cooperation of the previous provider is required by law

Number portability is required in accordance with the Telecommunication Act of January 1, 1999. This legal provision requires telecom providers to offer clients the option of transferring their telephone number to a different telecom provider.

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