Hosted VoIP

At Hosted VoIP – also known as Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX – you do not have your own phone system. Your phones will be connected to the phone system of the VoIP supplier via an internet connection.

Connect existing phone system or PBX

If your existing PBX is compatible with VoIP, you can replace your telephone line with a so-called ‘SIP Trunk’. In doing so, you will be able to make calls via your internet connection. The advantage of this is that you can continue using your phone system and all associated services, while at the same time benefiting from lower call rates.

Additional advantage: The capacity of a SIP Trunk can easily be extended.If you are still using a traditional (ISDN) phone system, it is possible to replace your telephone line with a SIP Trunk. In this event you will need a converter. Your service partner can help you decide which type best suits your situation.

Voice quality

The quality of gnTel’s VoIP phone system is equal to that of a traditional phone system. Therefore the quality of business phone systems via VoIP is greater than when making calls via Skype or Whatsapp, for example. The quality of gnTel’s VoIP phone system is comparable to ISDN quality. However, in the case you do experience lesser voice quality, this is usually caused by the internet connection. This will cause the call to falter. This is the result of insignificant bandwidth on the internet connection. To ensure the best possible quality, you can get a separate internet connection for VoIP. The ideal situation is to have an ADSL or data connection that connects directly to your VoIP provider.

Expert service partner

Thankfully you do not have to install everything yourself. We collaborate with a large network of expert service partners throughout the Netherlands. They know what is required to make your transfer to VoIP smooth. You won’t have to worry about anything and you can always contact them if your needs change.

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