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Redirect calls flexibly. Manually or automatically. For example, if you’re unable to take a call or if it’s your day off.


Redirect your number to your mobile or a group of colleagues, with ease. Or more advanced redirections, depending on your business hours and the company schedule. It’s all possible.

Pick-up groups

If you need to be able to contact someone fast in a certain group or department, you can organise your phones in groups. This enables you, amongst other things, simultaneously to call a group of colleagues in a given department via a single extension.

Taking calls made to another phone is also possible. How? By means of so-called pick-up groups. It’s no longer necessary to walk to the other phone – all you need to do is press a button on your own phone.

Diary integration

Via your calling plan, you can arrange for incoming calls to be redirected via your diary, regardless whether they’re internal extensions or mobile/fixed-line external ones. Just like with normal redirection, but then scheduled. With ease, you can plan in advance your night shifts or rear guard using Google Calendar, and the right redirection will happen automatically.

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