Online management

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Flexibly set users reachability and rights. Users can adjust their own reachability and phones online.

Choosing a telephone number

Your package should have at least one fixed-line number. You can opt for a Dutch number from your own region, a nation-wide business number (85/088), or a service number (09xx). Foreign numbers are also possible, in which case there may be additional terms and conditions, depending on the country involved.


You know the drill: “press one for sales, press two for service,” and so on. Sometimes highly useful when your organisation grows.

A menu or interactive voice response system (or IVR) automatically answers the phone and presents an audio message with a number of options.

You can add a new step to any of these options online, for example, an additional menu or queue, direct calling to certain phones or mobile numbers, or an opportunity to leave a voicemail message. Of course, the waiting time for input, how often the menu is repeated and what happens if there is no valid input can all be adjusted. Callers’ choices are included in clear, informative reports.

Queue and queue music

With a queue, peaks in the number of callers can be absorbed and several callers can wait simultaneously until it is their turn to be helped. The queued callers are presented to the agents answering the telephone based on a pre-set logic. You can opt to present a caller to all agents at once, to present calls one at a time in a fixed order to all available phones or in an order of succession based on who has had the fewest calls or has had no calls at all for the longest period.

While waiting, the caller will hear either waiting music or a transition tone. You can opt for a periodic announcement, e.g., indicating the caller’s position in the queue, for example, you’re the first in queue.” You can use any music you like as waiting music, including works commercially available, as we contribute to BUMA/STEMRA specifically for this purpose. You can also use whatever periodic announcement you like.

Number display

Want to make an outgoing call anonymously? No problem: you can adjust outgoing calls as desired. There is also a function for recording the numbers of incoming callers.

Recording calls

In connection with training courses or agreements effected telephonically, it is sometime handy to be able to record calls. This function is a standard feature; the recordings can be downloaded via the self-service portal or automatically emailed to you. We store recordings for you for a maximum of one year.


You can listen-in on a colleague’s call in connection with problematic calls or for training purposes. You will only hear the other two parties but will yourself not be heard.

Business hours

Ensure calls are redirected correctly by adjusting the schedule to your needs. With the business hours check in your call plan, it’s easy to set a fixed weekly schedule. No need to check again. Exceptions, can also be included, e.g., company trips. And national holidays are set with a single mouse-click.

It works simple
You can also include more than one set of business hours. For each set, you can decide whether to be open or closed during a given portion of the day in question. You can then set the subsequent steps in the call plan.

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