CRM pop-up

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With the CRM pop-up, you can always see, by means of your customer information system, who is calling. Call with one mouse click.

Immediate insight in customer data

The CRM plugin enables you immediately to see the accompanying customer details of incoming calls. And there’s no longer a need to enter a telephone number to call out. One click is sufficient.

For every incoming call, the pop-up on your computer display will indicate the firm’s name and their number if they are in your customer system. Just click on the pop-up, and the right page from your customer system will appear immediately.

The CRM pop-up can also be used for outgoing calls. No need to enter numbers – just click on the telephone number displayed in your customer system screen, and the number is called automatically.

There are no extra charges for gnTel functions. However, as the CRM pop-up is a third-party service, there is an extra charge for this function: € 5 per user per month.

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