With All-you-need, the telephone exchange in the cloud, you have access to many different features. You probably don’t need them all. But maybe you’d like to add a menu or Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), a queue or record calls later on?

Then you can easily add this within your gnTel account and still pay the same price. Whenever you’re ready, our experienced service partners will be ready for you. Practical, helpful, knowledgeable.


Redirect calls flexibly. Manually or automatically. For example, if you’re unable to take a call or if it’s your day off.

Online management

Flexibly set users reachability and rights. Users can adjust their own reachability and phones online.

The gnTel App

The gnTel enables you to call and be called via your fixed-line number. You can also dispense with your fixed-line phone, if so desired.

Free seating

There’s no longer a need to be bound to one workstation – you can take your number with you to any phone at your company.

Telephone book

Calling your colleagues directly from your online telephone book or immediately see who’s calling. Synchronising contact details? No problem.

CRM pop-up

With the CRM pop-up, you can always see, by means of your customer information system, who is calling. Call with one mouse click.

Click 2 dial

Call via your browser, with one mouse click – easy to activate. No longer necessary to enter a number manually.


Send and receive faxes via the internet. Increasingly in use by companies. Handy if you still need it.


Give callers the option to leave a message. You can also send your voicemails to your e-mail, to make sure you never miss one.

Audio files

Record and play-back messages flexibly, for example, as welcoming messages or temporary messages in connection with campaigns.


Clear, instant insight into your reachability and outgoing calls. Flexibly adjustable for each number, group or period.

International calls

Low-cost international calling. Telephoning free of charge with your offices abroad. Or arrange for a foreign number.

Telephone conferencing

Conference calls with several persons simultaneously. Ideal for consultation between different company offices.

Telephone numbers

All kinds of telephone numbers are available, regional numbers as well as foreign numbers or special numbers.

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