About gnTel

As far as we know, gnTel was the first company in the Netherlands to offer cloud telephony. As part of a small team of enthusiasts, gnTel founder John Ouderling (formerly director of KPN Research) already began working on internet telephony in the late 1990s. The initiative continued at TNO Bedrijven.

In 2004, the decision was taken to establish gnTel, and John became an entrepreneur. From that time onward, things went quickly. We now have thousands of customers and more than 100 resellers, specially trained to advise customers about telephony for businesses.

Our trademarks

Eagerness to learn

A tiny bit fanatical, determined to keep improving. Wide range of interests, excelling in your field and in communication.


A deal is a deal. Do what you promised, and in the rare instance that it's not possible, say it right away and solve the problem.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Taking responsibility, enjoying building a company together. Proactive. Dutch business acumen.

Team worker

Being of service to one another, to partners and to customers. Being able to criticise, and compliment, one another. Enjoying your work.

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler"
Albert Einstein

Who we are

At our most recent partner day, we requested our partners, as it were, to hold a mirror up to us. “What do you find good about us and what could be improved?”, was the question. The great thing was that first, only positive things came to mind; “excellent service” was the first, “solid platform” the second and “reliability” the third.

Of course, we didn’t mind hearing that at all, but luckily some points for improvement were also mentioned, e.g., making our invoices clearer and further widening our range of products and services. We’re now hard at work on that. And with a number of other innovations, as well. More on that soon …

What gnTel (wo)men say

lots of freedom, but a great deal of responsibility as well

further development and growth as a team

doing more than is expected of you

each day is different. It͛s fulfilling to improve things or solve problems for customers

our "hackathons" always yield new and interesting things

you want to go the extra mile for one another, including our partner network

I love the fact that we’re so focused on satisfied customers

you have the opportunity to get involved with technology with like-minded people

ensuring we meet our commitments

we keep investing in our solid platform and in features that users are enthusiastic about

I'm proud of our team, and how enthusiastic our partners are about our support

enabling partners to give their customers optimum service: I really love that!

Working at gnTel

If you're an enterprising team player who sees opportunities in telephony for businesses, if you'd like to collaborate on our ambitions for growth and contribute to further improving our service provision – we're searching for you! At the moment, we're searching for people for the following positions:

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